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WAPS Testing

☛ 11 Sept 2014 -- Enlisted evaluation and promotion systems implementation timeline..
  • WAPS Update: August 2014
    • Current WAPS calculation using last 5 EPRs will be replaced by a model using a maximum of the last 3 EPRs, Overall EPR points will increase and TIG/TIS points will be reduced over the next few years with a goal to remove it completely. Read entire article here
    • "When promotion time comes around, commanders will take the eligible airmen’s EPRs and slot them into one of five categories, the top of which will be for airmen who are most highly recommended for promotion..."

In order to compete for promotion you have to be eligible and your record must be weighable. Your data Verification Record [DVR] will tell you whether or not your promotion record is weighable or non weighable. Weighable means, all the weighted factor data elements (EPRs, Decorations, PFE, SKT, TIG, TIS) are present and you will receive promotion consideration during the original select run. Non weighable means one or more factors are missing from your promotion file. If after the original select run, a non weighable record becomes weighable, then the member receives promotion consideration through the in-system supplemental promotion process. 



100 Points. PFE score is doebled if testing PFE only.
100 Points
 EPR Score
 135 Points

25 Points. Assign point value based on the order of precedence.

 Decoration Point Values

 Time in Grade [TIG]
60 Points. Credit one-half point for each month in current grade, based on DOR, up to 10 years, computed as the first day of the last month of the promotion cycle.
  Time in Service [TIS]
40 Points. Credit 2 points for each year of TAFMS, up to 20 years, computed as the last day of the last month of the promotion cycle.

Input your rank, DOR, and TAFMSD in the calculator for your testing cycle and # of days left before your test date.


EPR points will rise from 135 to 250, while TIG and TIS points will reduce with the goal to eliminate TIG/TIS points over the next several years

☛ WAPS Eligibility Chart
01 - 14 DEC 13
SMSGT [14E8] Testing Cycle
21 JAN - 07 FEB 14
SMSgt [14E8] Central Evaluation Board
03 FEB - 31 MAR 14
TSGT [14E6] and MSGT [14E7] Testing Cycle
01 APR - 16 MAY 14**
SSGT [14E5] Testing Cycle
05 - 23 MAY 14
SNCO Supplemental Board
Aug 08 - 12 SEP 14
CMSGT [14E9] Testing Cycle
Sep 13 - 24 OCT 14
CMSgt [14E9] Central Evaluation Board

PDG Test Compromise Policy

WARNING!!! Group study (two or more people) and training programs specifically designed to prepare for promotion tests are strictly prohibited by AFI 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System. This prohibition protects the integrity of the promotion-testing program by helping to ensure test scores are a reflection of each member‘s individual effort. Remember, the PFE or USAFSE counts for up to 100 points of your total Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) or Senior NCO promotion score. Therefore, it is important for you to establish a self-study program that will 

help you score well. In addition to group study, you must avoid other specific compromising situations. They include, but are not limited to, discussing the contents of a PFE with anyone other than the test control officer or test examiner and sharing pretests or lists of test questions recalled from a current or previous PFE or USAFSE, personal study materials, or underlined or highlighted study reference material, or commercial study guides with other individuals. Air Force members who violate these prohibitions are subject to prosecution, under Article 92 (1) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), for violating a lawful general regulation. WAPS was developed as an objective method to promote the most deserving Airmen to the next higher grade. Any time a promotion examination is compromised, it is possible that one or more undeserving Airmen will be promoted at the expense of those who followed the rules. Do not place your career in jeopardy. Study, take your promotion examinations, and earn your next stripe on your own!